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Paintings Portfolio

For your convenience and pleasure, I have organized a few of my paintings into categories.

This way you can browse more easily through the kinds of art you are looking for.

Just click on the PORTFOLIO link here or the Menu Tab on any page to view the different categories and make your choice.

Here are a few of the categories to get you going, if you just want to quickly link from this post:

Landscapes       Floral & Gardens            Birds & Wildlife

Seascapes         Wine Inspired                 Exotic Places

European Feeling         Active Life           Whimsy 

Happy Art Purchaser Poses with Lois at Stockley Gardens Art Festival

If you are interested in purchasing any of the pieces – either the original art, if available, or prints or cards, just contact me personally at: Lois @ I apologize that sometimes the contact form does not send your email quickly enough to me, for some reason.

Also, I can show you additional themed paintings not posted yet online, or design something totally new for you.

If you have a favorite photo you would like turned into a painting or would like me to work with you on composing both the right photo shot and a special painting from it, I would be happy to. That is one of my specialties!

And if you are into ABSTRACTS or want a special design to go with your decor or to design a room around – or even for your corporate work space – I am there too!

Let’s Do This! Let’s Beautify Your Home AND Your Work Environment!

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